Speakers The sound of the two speakers, located beneath a perforated cover above the keyboard, is average. The keyboard is attached tightly. The viewing angles of the reviewed panel are rather average. The attractive brushed aluminum surface of the palm rests did heat up during benchmarking, but the temperatures remained at comfortable levels. While issues like warm palm rests, awkward media buttons, a noisy slot-loading drive, and somewhat heavy weight with the 9-cell battery will make some demanding buyers look elsewhere, most consumers looking for a Considering how the competition has already embraced thinner form factors, the latest LCD technologies, and Intel’s latest Centrino Duo offering, Dell took its time in upgrading.

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We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The buttons along the top edge are touch sensitive and light up with a fell glow when pressed. Equipped with 6 cells battery the XPS M weighs about 1. Doom 3 and Fear run fine with low resolution and details, however, if you increase them, the built-in video card is quickly at its limit.

And while the XPS M isn’t designed to go fast cps the physical sense, it looks like it could if you just put wheels on it. The speaker quality was “acceptable” for a notebook without a built-in subwoofer.

Dell XPS M1530 Review

The design of the XPS M really sets it apart. Fireiwre most experienced users will likely spend the first 30 to 60 minutes uninstalling some bloatware from the system, the many less technically minded owners will find the included applications quite useful.


It actually took me longer to find a sharp knife than to trim the cable. Included remote with XPS M view large image. Even the XPS range of gaming notebooks, while having deol nod to the stylish with the coloured lights and gaming touches, are still rather boxy and plain.

Based on the M that one of our editors owns I would suspect that the speakers in the M are the exact same part as the speakers used in the M During standard usage, it is not very likely that this noise level is reached. There are some notable differences other than size between the M and M however.

Kompakt, mobil, stark Source: Please share our article, every link counts! PC Advisor If you’re after a small laptop, but are willing to sacrifice slightly on portability to get better performance and a larger screen, then the Dell XPS M is a great option. Vertically, when looking from top down, you’ll quickly face a loss of contrast and a darkening of the display.

A series of touch-sensitive media buttons with blue LED backlights are located above the keyboard similar to the buttons on the M One of the nicest features is the Dell Inspiron XPS M Laptop’s edge-to-edge keyboard; although the keys don’t depress far, their large size makes typing comfortable.

The key travel is short, but, yet adequatetyping feels soft and the point of pressure is somewhat less definitive. Although the VGA webcam dwll longer swivels as firewie did on the M, this one comes with tons of capabilities via software, including pan and zoom, face tracking, and special effects.


The sound is something like a small power drill muffled under a pillow. However, the design of the hinges and the notebook’s back side are crucial for the overall appearance of the notebook.

However, when the fan was at the highest setting we did record the volume of the noise at dB from about two inches away from the fan exhaust.

Unfortunately, noise was something of an issue with the M The stability is, besides of the relatively thin and pressure sensitive display, also good. Apropos use at the lap: The XPS M is really quite a pleasure to type on.

Dell XPS M Review

Dell added a notebook with completely new design to its product range, the XPS M The viewing angles of the reviewed panel are rather average. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Above all, this firewwire size is used for subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles. Once opened the M provides more eye candy in terms of design.

Jamerton Dec 20, So, the noise level will be acceptable again soon.

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