Such a device will not be regarded as a defeat device if:. The effective weighting factor WF E,i for each mode shall be calculated in the following way:. Production conformity is checked on the basis of the description in the type-approval certificates set out in Annex VI to this Directive. The smoke value on the random test speed of the ELR must not exceed the highest smoke value of the two adjacent test speeds by more than 20 per cent, or by more than 5 per cent of the limit value, whichever is greater. Equivalent diluted exhaust gas mass flow rate on wet basis. This information shall be attached to the documentation required in Annex I, section 3;. When the engine is stabilised, the engine map shall be performed as follows:.

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That’s among the best deals of the year. The best deals on laptops, tablets, PCs, gaming and much more! Engine Conditions The engine speed and load, intake 8422–71g temperature and depression, exhaust temperature and backpressure, fuel flow and air or exhaust flow, charge air temperature, fuel temperature and humidity shall be recorded during each mode, with the speed and load requirements see section 2. Point deletions from the regression analyses are permitted where noted in Table 7.

Total CVS mass over the cycle on wet basis. In case of an application for EC type-approval for a vehicle type in respect of its engine, the marking specified in section 5.

The test shall be performed according to the reference cycle as set out in section 2 of this Appendix. The test sequence shall be 8242-71g. Cumulative number of engines tested sample size.


The resulting torque curve is the mapping curve and shall be used to convert the normalised torque values of the engine cycle into actual torque values for the test cycle, as described in section 2.

End of support on selected hardware products

It is defined as follows see Figure 1 of Annex I:. Preparation of the Sampling Filters. In case of an application for EC type-approval for a vehicle type with an approved engine, the marking specified in section 5. For the evaluation of the particulates, the total sample masses M SAM,i through the filters shall be recorded for each mode.

Calculation of the Mass Flow. Annex V describes the recommended analytical systems for the gaseous pollutants, the recommended particulate sampling systems, and the recommended smoke measurement system.

Performing 842271g Engine Power Map. The test shall be performed in the order of the mode numbers as set out in section 2. In the event that two or more engines share this primary criteria, the parent engine shall be selected using the secondary criteria in 4822-71g following order:.

Determination of the Background Corrected Concentrations. The light absorption coefficient is then correctly calculated based upon the measured opacity and the L Aas submitted by the opacimeter manufacturer, when the instrument is returned to the k readout mode for testing.

However, one adaptation run over one ETC cycle without measurement is permitted after the change of the fuel.

End of support on selected hardware products

Thus, it needs some initial input values of S i-1 and S i-2 and initial output values Y i-1 and Y i-2 to get the algorithm started. This information shall be attached to the documentation required in Annex I, section 3. European steady state cycle. The parent engine shall meet the requirements of this Directive at both positions of the switch without any readjustment to the fuelling between the m-tm tests at each position of the switch.


Additionally, these labels must be located so as to be readily visible to the average person after the engine has been completed with all the auxiliaries necessary for engine operation.

After submission of the engine to the authorities, the manufacturer shall not carry out any 4822-71g to the engines selected. The engine installation on the vehicle shall comply with the following characteristics in respect to the type-approval of the engine:. Concentrations measured on dry basis shall be converted to a wet basis in accordance with Annex III, Appendix 1, Section 4.

If the opacimeter is equipped with a purge air system to prevent sooting of the meter optics, this system shall also be activated and adjusted according to the 8422-71y recommendations. Effective optical path length. Bessel filter cut-off frequency.

For type approval to row A of the tables in section 6. Fuelling system gas engines: Calculation of the Emission Mass Flow Rates.

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