Switch Adjusts the top margin for duplex printing cassette. Enter the text in advance. Yes Smoothing in S-Fine x dpi mode 0: Portrait yes copies, Default: Clean the paper feed rollers of any paper dust buildup.

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The LCD now shows the consumable order sheet setting menu. Non-registered items cannot be deleted.

We recommend you the two software as below: Adjusts the top margin at the 1st cassette for printing. Install Shield comes up. MIB is managed in a tree structure.

Muratec MFX-2030 Fuser, 110V, New

Maker code read error E. The drum is low.

Yes Print TCR after the batch transmission 0: Press [Start] to start the background level setting. However, it is not based on T. Select the desired checking area. Ldap Server Settings After the background level setting, the machine goes back to the standby mode.


Network Settings Codes Just try to decrease one or two steps at first. If the OfficeBridge option is installed, the numbers may differ according to the CF capacity. To restrict the mail size, set it here. Time out error When the above error occurred, turn off the power switch, confirm the cable connection, and then perform from step 1 again. When it is selected, it will be highlighted.

Muratec Fax Driver Turn the Duplex motor Clutch 1: The plus setting decreases the right margin and the minus setting increases it. Connect The Power Cord Switch Adjusts the bottom margin at the Bypass tray for printing. A non-registered address book number is selected.

F and F have no document glass. Verify that the scanner unit locking switch has been released.

Muratec F Specifications |

Setting The Separator Page Second Phone Line Kit You have already registered locations to the Address Book. For this feature to work correctly, you must register several items.


Press [Reset] to return the machine to standby. Carefully remove the jammed paper. How To Bind Copied Documents The imported record number, the number where the error occurred and the error detail will be displayed.

If a paper jam occurs during fax reception, the machine will store the received document in the memory and printout them automatically when you have cleared the paper jam.

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