The EZFlash II Cart was the second to come, and has since been effectively replaced by the EZFlash II Power Star which is for all intensive purposes is the same as an EZ2 with chips that use lower voltage and so cause the battery in your hardware to last longer, you will likely not be able to find a non-powerstar version. If the games are smaller you can store more. This is normal part of the nature of flash cartridges, not counting the EZFlash III , and there is not anything that can be done to fix it, so do not ask. This icon will always delete the bottom item on the list. To do this, you can use TotalCommander or WinCommander or something else. You will not have a version 2 linker but you if you have just recently got your cart may have a version three: By Codelyy Started Monday at

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Windows should say new hardware found and start the hardware wizard.

Most images will load by selecting them with A, but if for some reason they crash or give you problems, power down your Gameboy and try again this time with the B button, this will reset the GBA before loading your selection.

GB and DS Accessories. The official software here is very good. When it’s done, another wizard will start again. Separate names with a comma. The very latest software, drivers and instruction manual will be sent on CD with the Linker Unit.


To write more than one rom to your cart you need a loader program which occupies about 2Megabit of ROM in the cart, so the capacity of Megabit cart becomes a bit less than Mb.

Create your own gba eBooks with pictures and even sound or read regular PC. Search titles only Posted by Member: Do you not have the adapter and the cables that are supposed to be used?

EZFlash II FAQ – EZ-Flash Wiki

To do this, you can use TotalCommander or WinCommander or something else. PM me if you ever want to sell it. There is a way to change the battery, just replace it with one of the same sort making sure to observe polarity, you will however void the warranty so be warned!

Assuming EZClient supports the rom you will see a nice new loader on your Nintendo DS with ROMs on the bottom screen, use the touch screen or select the rom and press a to start.

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Megabit are the standard size used in flash carts: For the capacity of Mbit carts, the capacity of saver is 4Mbit. 22 emulation exists for this very reason check out PocketNes DS code users a DS port of pocketnes was made which has better scaling and such: This being the case opening up the cart, reseating the PCB printed circuit board and reassembling it may do the trick.

Ez-flaah firmware replacements are available, but I think you are referring to a “loader” replacement.

Share your GameDev Story with us. Do you already have an account? If you do this and you find out your screwed do not complain to us. Play games that were released by Nintendo and 3rd party programmer.


The perfect product for your Gameboy Advance developing needs. The EZ2 Powerstar is the first cart to integrate a cheat function and it is the first to reduce its GBA power consummation, thus the name Powerstar. ez-falsh

EZ-Flash II Powerstar 256Mb

The First and only card to date that uses the 1. This is especially true for DS roms. It’s probably your best bet. If you do not want that to be what comes up in the EZLoader menu change it by clicking in the “ROM Chinese name” field and typing in what you would like to appear as instead, before you burn. The same can by done for the cart’s saver with the “BAK Save” button. Leave your computer on and the linker plugged in powerrstar the EZCart in it for 8 hours: The more of those features you use the less space you will have for ROM images.

You might like GBALdr. EZClient should now show the flashcart size. This icon will always delete the bottom item on the list.

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