Scan To Mailbox Selecting A Mailbox Exiting The Energy Saver Mode Step 3 Specifying Destinations Changing Scan Settings

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Accessing Web Applications Add Me adding The Sender’s Address Calling A Stored Program Fax Signal Method Starting Centreware Internet Services Selecting A Mailbox Step 3 Entering A Quantity Inserting And Ejecting Media Using Manual Receive Color Effects selecting An Image Quality Original Type selecting The Document Type Centreware Internet Services Exiting The Energy Saver Mode Deleting Stored Programs Step 3 Starting The Scan Job Changing Scan Settings New Recipient entering An Address Add sending Faxes To Multiple Recipients Receiving Internet Fax Printing And Deleting Stored Documents Printing Documents In A Mailbox Checking Completed Jobs Send From Mailbox Registering Stored Programs Interrupting The Copy Job Importing Using Easyoperator Secure Watermark managing Document Security Full Size Color Ui optional Changing The Number Of Copies When Not Using A Receiver Media Print text And Photos Printing Pending Jobs Operations During Scanning Job Flow Procedure Operations During Faxing

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