Once again back to her home. Posted by Anonymous on Jan 17, I got the motherboard replaced by warranty. I hope I can still sleep Vista craches as soon as the Vista driver is installed to the system.

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Posted on Jan 17, Hyper Transport Bus HyperTransport 1. Vfa solved it himself Please contact us before returning any goods to receive free technical support and register for an RMA code.

Anyway, mss-7367 will see him back when his W PSUs have exploded because of the constant overload they carry. We have a purpose made trade counter so customers can pop in and collect their items or look at the variety of refurbished computers and laptops that we have to offer. Does anyone have any sollution on how to get around the problem, except for buying a new grafic board or a new motherboard? Alright, you will need to go to MSI for your model and usually they will have the vga driver there.

Trouble shooting is testing against better parts to ms7367 the problem. Watts is for real and have a big importance in the relationship.


MSI K9AGM3 MS VER Socket AM2 Motherboard With BP (HDMI) Motherboards

Only the onboard g. I then got it back to my mx-7367, installed the drive and booted the PC. It will run, but you may find yourself in trouble within a few months.

The PSU is not to blame that a driver ms-3767 not be installed into a system! It all vgx in fail safe mode. Once again back to her home. Hahahaha, well do the math what a PSU must be able to do: You are lacking 12V amps to run that videocard, it’s as simple as that. When the current limiters is activated the voltage will decrease and cause the system to crash. Of course, it is no guarantee that this will solve the problem, so you maybe you can borrow a psu somewhere.

MSI BIOS for MSI Motherboards MS-7367

In that case, I doubt he will be in here again, because he won’t be able to Does it work in XP? When replacing the motherboard the system booted every time, even with the W PSU.


I have no vga driver for msi ms motherboard with If the XP driver is installed to the system the system runs, but Vista Aero does not work.

Download the driver by click on the zip file. If you had an open mind, if you would like to try to help, I am a member on another site and I am supporting others when they have problems.

Yes, I will check her system with a more powerfull PSU. She then inserted the installation disc for the GeCube.

This is my last posting on this site. Payment Methods We accept the following payments. Unfortunatelly the XPro ,s-7367 defective after 1,5 month and she got a new one on warranty. Unzip the file before you install. If you do not agree, explaine to me how a driver can cause PSU problems. It failed all the time. Please enter a valid email address.

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